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[[Tyler O'Neill]] (possible lover)|likes = Disney, looking good, shopping, singing Disney karaoke covers|dislikes = Drugs, alcohol, hatred|powers_/_skills = Drawing Disney characters|secret(s) = * Found out about [[Seth Branson|Mr. Branson]]'s hook-up with [[Brooke Maddox]] <br>
[[Tyler O'Neill]] (possible lover)|likes = Disney, looking good, shopping, singing Disney karaoke covers|dislikes = Drugs, alcohol, hatred|powers_/_skills = Drawing Disney characters|secret(s) = * Found out about [[Seth Branson|Mr. Branson]]'s hook-up with [[Brooke Maddox]] <br>
** Discovered Branson's past|date_of_birth = 1998|date_of_death = [[Timeline|December 5, 2016]]|cause_of_death = Back horizontally slashed then throat sliced open with hunting knife before being thrown into swimming pool|murderer = [[Piper Shaw]] (indirectly) <br>
** Discovered Branson's past|date_of_birth = 1998|date_of_death = [[Timeline|December 5, 2016]]|cause_of_death = Back horizontally slashed then throat sliced open with hunting knife before being thrown into swimming pool|murderer = [[Piper Shaw]] (indirectly) <br>
[[Jake Fitzgerald]] (caused)|first_appearance = [[Pilot]]|last_appearance = [[The Last House On The Left]] (hallucination)|image1 =E02CFECC-BB78-46C8-B8E9-69E6F0085158.jpg }}
[[Jake Fitzgerald]] (caused)|first_appearance = [[Pilot]]|last_appearance = [[The Last House On The Left]] (hallucination)|image1 =005497C4-0F09-40A1-BCDB-0CCD526408C6.jpeg }}
'''Brett Shimura '''was [[Lakewood]]'s “Disney Lover”, and also one of the popular students on campus. It looks like it’s a revenge play against him that sets the events of the show into motion. He has the most influence over the plot, the setting of the story in ''[[Season 1]]''.
'''Brett Shimura '''was [[Lakewood]]'s “Disney Lover”, and also one of the popular students on campus. It looks like it’s a revenge play against him that sets the events of the show into motion. He has the most influence over the plot, the setting of the story in ''[[Season 1]]''.

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Brett Shimura was Lakewood's “Disney Lover”, and also one of the popular students on campus. It looks like it’s a revenge play against him that sets the events of the show into motion. He has the most influence over the plot, the setting of the story in Season 1.

Brett was Lakewood's Disney nerd, ultimately before his murder. Although Brett was one of the friendliest students at George Washington High School, he was considered affable, and warm-hearted.

Brett managed to make so many people like him, due to his personality. He is considered; the ultimate Disney fan Lakewood has ever seen. His best friends included jocks like Tyler O'NeillJake Fitzgerald, and Will Belmont.

On December 5, 2016, Brett and Tyler were brutally murdered in Brett's backyard by an unnamed murderer.

Brett's murder marked the beginning of the Lakewood 2017 Murders and sets up the introduction of Emma Duval, the series' heroine.


Brett is innocent, sweet, naïve, friendly, and kind-hearted.

Physical Appearance

Being of average height, Brett has an oval-shaped face. His cheekbones are chiseled and he has a curved nose. Brett has black hair that is combed to the left. His eyes are dark brown. He also wears black Diesel glasses. Brett wears very fashionable clothing.

Season 1


11:38 PM ...

The roaring engine of a Camaro came to a stop, as the two teenagers pulled up to the Shimura household. Brett sat in the passenger seat, while Tyler O'Neill sat in the driver's side, his hand casually resting on the steering wheel. Brett rolled his eyes.

BRETT: It's a time-honored enforcement of the food chain: The weak are outed, and then eaten.

Tyler grinned.

TYLER: Wow, you're a mean drunk tonight.

BRETT (rebuking): Oh, please. You agreed that video was too good to post online.

TYLER (smiling): Officer, he made me do it.

Tyler turned his head toward Brett.

TYLER: He makes me do a lot of things.

Tyler was sending a suggestive look toward Brett. Brett ignored him, only paying attention to the numerous alerts on his iPhone 6.

BRETT (announcing excitedly): Oh, my God. This is breaking the internet.

Brett was glad this video was going very well. Everyone was buzzing about the viral video. On it, a video shows a footage of a dark-haired girl indistinctly yelling at a strawberry blonde-haired girl -- it is a handheld video shot from the interior of a high school cafeteria -- a pullback revealed the video is playing on a smartphone screen.

BRETT: It already has ten thousand views and counting.

Smiling, Brett turned to Tyler, with a prideful, satisfied look on Brett's attractive face. Tyler moved closer to Brett, roaming his hands along the steering wheel.

TYLER (suggesting): Then why don't you make me a drink while we break the internet, huh? I know your parents are out of town.

Brett remained unimpressed.

BRETT (unsympathetically): Awww, no.

He was unsympathetic toward Tyler's sexual needs.

BRETT: I only needed your tech-savvy tonight, not what's in your pants.

Opening the car door, Brett stepped out and headed toward his house.

Even though his parents were out of town, Brett never planned on hooking up with Tyler tonight. Brett only needed Tyler's extensive knowledge of technology, so that Brett could upload the video.

Brett's shoes clicked against the pavement on the way toward his glass front door. Brett walked up to the front steps of his house. A key clicked into the lock and the front door opened. Brett removed his black leather jacket. He walked through his house, planning on taking a nice, relaxing soak in his hot tub. Not liking the quiet, he opened up an app on his phone.

BRETT (commanding into phone): Music on.

His head bobbed to the beat, as a pop song started playing from the various speakers around the house.

A little while later, Brett changed into black swim trunks. Dinging, Brett's phone blasted with numerous notifications, causing him to look down. Picking his phone up, Brett seeing a video of himself tugging on his swim trunks just a mere few seconds earlier, Brett widened his eyes.

Confused, he turned around, surveying his surroundings. But no one was there. Phone dinged.

"How does it feel to be the star of the show?"

Brett sees the text was from Tyler. He turned back around, and noticed the green light shining from his MacBook Air computer; a signal that the webcam was on. Brett shook his head, marching over to his computer and slamming the laptop shut. Leaning against the desk, Brett sighed.

BRETT (muttering): Tyler, you are skating on Restraining Order Lake.

Getting another text alert, Brett quickly looked down at his phone.

"Why would you want to do that? Out of fear?"

Freaked out and growing angrier by the minute, Brett started wandering around the house, trying to see where Tyler was.

BRETT (calling out): Tyler! I swear to God if you are in my house, you are dead!

He clenched his jaw, growling under his breath. He walked down the hallway.

BRETT (calling out): If you want to be an adult about this, I will gut you on command!

He clicked on the patio lights. A fluorescent floodlight illuminated the porch. Tyler was outside, watching Brett through the windows. Brett slowly walked towards the front door; opened it and slowly stepped outside to the porch in wonder. Brett stared out at the empty porch, lit only by the small lights. He listened to the sounds of chirping crickets. He looked out at the vast front garden, the gnarled oak tree creaking in the night time wind. Brett looks around and scans the area with narrowed eyes, frowning when he noticed that, again, there was no one there.

Getting another ding from his phone, Brett looked down at the screen and sees a video playing of himself walking outside from just moments earlier. Brett gasps, spinning around. But still, there was no one in sight. Brett's breath was coming out in short pants, no longer finding Tyler's little game funny. He couldn't help but jump in fright, as another beep came through his phone, causing him to furrow his eyebrows.

"Think of me as your director and you the actor looking for your big break. This is the big chase scene... the opening scene. The hook. The audience is counting on you to scream your lungs out, so don't blow it. And in the end, you'll be the memorable one. The first death."

Brett froze momentarily, before quickly heading back inside the house; his fear slightly washing away and replacing itself with anger. Brett walked back inside, only to keep looking back to see if anyone was behind him. After entering the house, a fearless Brett locked the front door. Getting another ding, Brett looked down.

"You're vulnerable in the open... like a lonely antelope ready to be picked off from the herd."

Brett began to run aimlessly across his house, Brett continued across the hallway, moving as fast as his weak muscles would allow. He came to a stop by hiding behind the glass side doors. He kept gasping through deep breaths, unable to comprehend what had happened.

BRETT (breathing heavily): Oh, my God.

A floodlight behind Brett clicked on, illuminating the cement patio. Brett looked towards the glass garden doors.

Tyler was tied to a chair in the middle of the patio, barely alive. Rope was tied around his hands and feet... duct tape across his mouth… he was bloodied and bruised, and his hair was disheveled and caked with blood... Tyler was slumped over in the chair... his stomach had been ripped open... a pool of blood was forming beneath him... a steaming pile of organs lay at his feet...

Brett felt another overpowering wave of nausea come over him. The floodlight turned off, immersing Brett in darkness. His phone dinged. A terrified Brett looked down, causing his eyebrows to furrow.

"Words can't save you now. You better gear up for the big death sequence. Lights... camera... ACTION!"

Just as things grew maddeningly silent, the patio doors imploded inwards as one of the patio chairs came flying through the glass. Bits of wood and shards of glass sprayed across the room. Brett was incited like fire. He clutched his phone, and ran through the house, barreling down the hallway into the kitchen.

Brett ran towards the butcher block on the kitchen island and grabbed the handle of the longest, sharpest knife and pulled it out of the block. He whirled around to face the door to the hallway, holding the knife out in front of him in a defensive pose. He could barely see anything. Thick smoke filled the room, enveloping Brett. Brett made his way through the kitchen, the knife in one hand and the phone in the other.

He ducked into the small hallway at the back of the kitchen, and moved towards the side door. He could hear someone in the living room... the sound of feet crunching over broken glass... The attacker was in the house... what the hell was Brett going to do?

Brett quietly opened the side door and slipped outside, gently closing it. He glanced around at his surroundings... all he saw in front of him were the thick woods that surrounded his house... It would take miles to reach the nearest neighbor, and even farther into town.

Brett looked down at the phone in his trembling hands. Brett took a deep breath, and began inching his way down the side of the house. He clambered up onto the back porch and made his way towards the patio, ducking down to avoid being seen by the killer. There were three curtain-less windows ahead. The lights in the house suddenly clicked off. He was looking for Brett.

Brett crouched down underneath the first window, and stuck his head barely above the sill, peering into the pitch-black house. Brett caught a quick glance of someone in black moving through the living room, and he ducked back down. His heart pounding loudly. Brett crawled closer towards the patio doors, poking his head up to look through the next window.

The killer was in the hallway now, moving towards the kitchen... Brett ducked back down, taking deep breaths… The killer was in the kitchen now…

Brett curled his fingers tightly around the knife handle, his chest heaving… his heart racing… Brett crawled as fast as he could on his hands and knees towards the patio doors and stopped at the third window looking into the living room… Brett had to make sure the killer was still in the kitchen looking for him.

Brett slowly rose to his feet, looking into the window. The window was completely blacked out. He looked up and realized what the black was. It was a black cloak. The killer was staring right back at him.

Brett screamed hysterically. The killer's face was covered by a ghostly white mask with dark eyeholes... staring into Brett's soul... The killer suddenly sprang forward, smashing through the window, grabbing Brett by his wrist, pulling Brett towards him. The knife fell from Brett's hand, as he squirmed to free his hands from the ghost's grasp… Brett screamed, as the killer's head smashed through the remainder of the glass in the window, and he lunged at Brett, grabbing Brett by the neck.

All Brett had was his phone still clutched in his right hand. He lashed out with his free hand, clobbering the killer on the side of the head with the phone. The killer growled angrily and staggered backwards into the house.

Brett forgot all about the knife still lying on the concrete. He forgot all about his phone. There was only one thing he could think of and that was getting the fuck away from there. Brett began to run.

Brett stumbled across the patio, cringing at the sight of Tyler's bloodied corpse… still tied to the chair…

Just as Brett was about to call out for help, in the hopes that one of his neighbors would hear him, Brett felt the blade of a wicked-sharp hunting knife swipe horizontally across his back. Brett let out a strangled cry of agonized pain as the cool metal tore deeply, slicing the flesh open, with a sickening gushing sound. He felt himself drop to his knees and sink to the cement patio. Brett's hand desperately reached behind him to stop the bleeding, but he couldn't reach the injury, while he groaned in pain. With his back stinging from the slash wound, Brett looked up and saw his attacker. Brett slowly staggered to his feet and stumbled across the grass, desperate to escape.

Incredulous, Brett felt the slash wound splitting open on his bare back as blood began to spurt out. Brett fell onto the grass on his back, coughing on his own blood, the pain overwhelming… He clutched his hand to the wound… feeling warm blood flowing between his fingers. The masked figure came down on top of him, straddling him, the knife poised to stab him again... The figure's hands grabbed Brett by the throat and squeezed tightly. Brett gagged for air, clawing his hands at the figure, that were choking the life out of him.

Just as Brett's eyes began to roll into the back of his head, he found his last little bit of strength and lifted up his knee, slamming it into his attacker's groin. The killer let out a pained groan, and was thrown backwards off of Brett. Brett rolled over onto his stomach; sitting up on his knees, grimacing as pain ravaged his upper body… he tried to call out but all that came out was a whisper.

Brett was suddenly slammed to the ground by the killer's boot pressing down on his back. The masked killer flipped Brett over on his stomach, as he looked up at him. He couldn't move. Brett gazed up at him, pleading with his eyes…

BRETT (protesting): Please don't...

However, from the pain he's enduring, Brett fumbled, trying to crawl away, but the energy was quickly draining from his body. While trying to stand up with as much strength as he could muster, Brett limped across the grass in a last attempt to escape. But Brett didn't have the strength to go any further. Brett moaned in pain, dropping down to the ground again, his sliced open back coated in blood. Crawling forward, he continued to whimper, and the white ghost masked figure in a black hooded poncho wrapped his arm around Brett, and lifts him to his feet near the edge of the swimming pool.

The masked figure pulled Brett to him, gripping Brett with his arm. Brett beats at the figure while wrenching from side to side, crying helplessly. Tears leak out of his eyes, as he felt the life inside of him slowly slip away.

BRETT (yelling out, crying): No! No, please!

The hunting knife swiftly glided across Brett's throat, tearing through his flesh, slicing it open with a sickening gushing sound. Brett choked on the blood that began to fill his airways and felt the oxygen escape his lungs. His face slowly turned chalky white, and his eyes glazed over.

Not even bothering to check and see whether Brett was still alive or not, knowing that if he wasn't, he would be soon, the masked figure carelessly tossed the limp Brett into the swimming pool with a splash. Near where Brett's splayed out body floated face down, the previously clear water-filled swimming pool began to turn a crimson color, as blood swirled around his half-naked form.

Truth or Dare

A little while later, standing outside of George Washington High School, Brett's memorial was set up -- lot of students that Brett had loved during their years in high school, placed flowers and notes that made it seem like they were the closest of friends.

Later, on Emma's phone screen, a dark video footage shows Brett scrambling around the house. The camera rushed up behind him. Brett's back gets horizontally spliced open with the swing of a hunting knife. The camera was right behind Brett at that point, leaning over to yank him to his feet. A minute later, Emma heard the swish of the blade. Brett's hands gripping his neck and the choking of blood. Later, Brett's body splashes into the swimming pool.

Don't Breathe

The day before the murders started, in a flashback, Brett meets Kieran Wilcox at school. They talk and Brett starts flirting with Kieran. Kieran is flattered, and asks Brett if he's gay. Brett laughs, saying he's actually bisexual. To his surprise, Kieran smiles seductively.


Jake Fitzgerald and Piper Shaw tell Emma Duval about them wanting to murder Brett and Tyler O'Neill.

In a flashback, on the night of Brett's murder, Jake hides in the bushes while taking out a sharp hunting knife, holding what was his murder weapon tightly in hand, his dark eyes are drawn to the parked Camaro outside of Brett's house. Brett gets out of Tyler's car and walks towards the front door.

Brett appears briefly in another flashback when the hunting knife slices his back open, with him screaming in pain. Then, a flash to Brett's corpse floating face down in the swimming pool.

Season 2

The Sixth Sense

In the direct-to-video "parallel Season 1" Season 2, Brett makes a few brief, non-speaking appearances in the scenes for which he was present in the Pilot.

The Last House On The Left


When a Stranger Calls

In an auditorium, on a projection screen, a dark video footage shows a camera rushing up behind Brett. A swish of the hunting knife slashes horizontally across Brett's back. Then, the video shows the knife slicing Brett's throat open -- he chokes on blood. The killer carelessly tosses Brett's limp body splashes into the swimming pool.

Season 3

Silent Night



Season 1

  • Pilot
  • Truth or Dare (video footage)
  • Don't Breathe (flashback)
  • Psycho (flashback)

Season 2

  • The Sixth Sense (flashback)
  • The Last House On The Left (hallucination)
  • When a Stranger Calls (video footage)


  • Brett Shimura is similar to Casey Becker from Scream (1996).
    • Brett suffered the same demise as Nina Patterson from MTV's Scream Season 1.
  • Shares many similarities with Nina Patterson, as both of their deaths highly impacted the characters.
    • Brett: beloved.
    • Nina: not so much.
  • Originally, Brett was going to be a psychopathic murderer.
    • Originally, Brett had a twin brother, who Brett sent to a mental institution for no reason.
    • Once his brother got out, Brett murdered him in cold-blood, the night before his murder.
  • In Psycho, it is revealed that Jake Fitzgerald was Brett's killer.
    • Jake decided to murder Brett in rage, because Brett was bisexual.
  • In The Last House On The Left, Brett appears as an apparition.
    • The Last House On The Left is the second and final appearance of Brett in Season 2.