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Sheriff Clark Hudson, also known as Sheriff Clark or Hud, is a seasoned officer of the law. 

As a well-trained interrogater, Clark is a no-nonsense person, and he doesn't ask easy questions. He can break anyone given the right leverage. He has a sharp mind and he's good at his job and what he does best: talking. Clark is especially good at persuading people and wheedles vital information out of women who aren't willing to spill. 

For all his skills with small-town police work, Clark finds himself quite out of his element when bodies start turning up. Clark is less ready to believe that Tyler O'Neill is responsible, and doesn't mind taking extra time in his investigation to prove or disprove that.

Clark is seen as likable, reasonable, and a good love interest for Maggie Duval, and others feel he's trying his best to capture a killer with very little evidence to go off of. Others see him as bland, incompetent, and so useless at his job that Lorraine Brock and even the teen cast (with Lorraine and Emma Duval being examples themselves) far outclass him in actually trying to solve the crimes and find the killer's identity. Brock has also criticized him for taking issue to her treatment of Audrey Jensen (in particular, interviewing her without giving her the opportunity to have a parent/guardian or lawyer present, which violates police protocol along with her constitutional rights), saying that Lorraine is justified in cutting unnecessary corners when a masked maniac is on the loose killing people.

Those who dislike him also point out that all the murders have happened while he has been in charge of the case, but it's worth pointing out that the Killer may have planned it that way all along to discredit him, or if Clark were one of two possible killers, his perceived incompetency would be justified because he'd be doing it on purpose to take suspicion off of himself.

Clark is the eighth victim of The Killer in Season 1.


Throughout Season 1, Clark is a loyal Sheriff who is a smart, determined, and passionate man, and would do anything for his nearest and dearest friends. He considers everyone on his good side as a family and he tries his best to keep his family together at all times. Yet, he is a flawed character. He has a lot of doubt, anger, frustration, uncertainty, and sadness, almost like everyone. But despite Clark's jumbled emotions, he tries his very best not to show them to his friends to seem brave and courageous, but he's not afraid to confront or comfort his friends with utmost care.

As a police department Sheriff, Clark uses manipulative interrogation tactics that fools criminals. When there was no evidence to use against criminals, Clark often plants evidence to incriminate them. Clark's ambition to make detective often forced him to excel as a cunning Sheriff. He would resort to brute force when provoked, but was resourceful, often using his environment to his advantage.

Interestingly, Clark is arguably the most tactical and developed character in the series, since the plots and ploys that the main characters pull to achieve their own endeavors are more or less formulated by him. This indicates that Clark is smarter than he, himself acknowledges.


  • Clark is the third main character to die.
  • Clark is a chivalrous Sheriff of Lakewood, who is very gallant towards women.
  • As a town Sheriff, Clark uses highly manipulative interrogation tactics to make criminals come forward.
  • Before his death, Clark suffered a similar wound as Trevor Sheldon from SCREAM 4.
    • Clark gets kidnapped and shot in the groin with a handgun.