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The Viral Video was filmed by Brett Shimura and posted by Tyler O'Neill, which results in their murders that night.

The video shows Audrey Jensen indistinctly talking to Nina Patterson in the school's cafeteria. The two girls were unknowingly being videotaped by Brett on his phone. Brett had help posting the video to the internet, with Tyler's tech-savvy skills. The video was posted all over social media, making it go viral within a few minutes.

Season 1

That night, Tyler drives Brett to Brett's house, where Brett gleefully gloats about how "the weak [now Nina] is outed, and then eaten [by Audrey]". Brett checks his phone and happily announces that the video now has 10,000 views and counting. Tyler and Brett are brutally murdered that night.

The next day at school, everyone claps and congrats Audrey. Everyone still talks about the insanely viral video that was posted by Brett and Tyler -- that is until there is a new headline... Brett's murder and Tyler's disappearance.