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Kieran Wilcox is the brooding and mysterious newcomer who moves to Lakewood after his father is employed as Sheriff. He is the boyfriend of Emma Duval.

Kieran is 17, who is the alluring mysterious "bad boy" type that girls fall for with intense eyes and smoldering appeal. He is both smarter and a bit more mature than most of his peers. Kieran is the new kid at school with a mysterious past archetype.

He moved there from Atlanta because his mother and stepfather died in a car accident three weeks earlier and is reluctantly forced to live with his dad, Sheriff Hudson, in Lakewood.


After his mother's death, Kieran becomes lonely due to the grief he suffered over his mother's death but eventually comes to terms with the incident, showing this by allowing to move from Atlanta to Lakewood after previously banning it in the wake of the tragedy.

The television series, set before the events shows Kieran to be a mysterious and shady newcomer.

Kieran is sassy but well-mannered and has respect for his deceased mother and others. His curious and charismatic nature leads him to make girls swoon over his charm. Largely because of him being respectful to all living things, Kieran was also seen as somewhat of an outcast. Kieran is also shy around boys, becoming quite flustered when a boy found Kieran attractive and the boy tried befriending him the night before the boy's death.