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Nina Patterson was the cruel, egotistical bully who attended George Washington High School.

Many recognize Nina as the strawberry blonde spitfire who won’t hesitate to out people the first chance she gets. Girls like Nina are rich and spoiled and expected to marry billionaires without ever suffering the consequences of their actions.

While, that may be true to some extent, Nina’s ability to act as the queen puppet master comes from her near to flawless ability to manipulate people. Of all the girls in Lakewood, Nina is the bitch you shouldn’t cross.

With Tyler O'Neill's assistance, Nina was able to bug everyone, including teachers and town officials. She had an entire private room set up in her mansion with monitors on everyone. And Nina, she had front row seats to the whole thing.

Every second Nina is designed to get you to cheer for her impending demise.

Personality and Traits

Rich and arrogant, Nina is a typical snob who boasts about her expensive designer clothing and state-of-the-art wealthiness for her style. Nina seems the stereotypical bitchy Queen Bee figure at George Washington High School. She picks on Audrey Jensen and other students and is known to be quite dramatic. Nina only picks on Audrey out of envy and due to her image at Lakewood -- even when outing Audrey.

Nina is also a charismatic, fabulous, and a great actress, being able to act kind and understanding in order to sway people to her side. Nina is also a xenophobe and a master manipulator as she loathes people, firmly believing that she is superior to all others and should therefore rule them through force and threat.

Villainous Deeds

  • Operating a blackmail buisness where she filmed various people (prior to Pilot).
  • Saw Audrey Jensen passionately making out with Rachel Murray in Audrey's truck at George Washington High School's parking lot (prior to Pilot).
    • Secretly filmed Audrey's make out, and uploaded it all over Chirpster and Cliplicious.
  • Bullying various students in George Washington High School including Audrey Jensen and Noah Foster (seen in Pilot).
  • Using everyone's secrets against them (seen in Pilot).
  • Getting Audrey Jensen kicked out of high school (seen in Truth or Dare).
  • Using her cruel videos to threaten her various enemies (seen in Truth or Dare).
  • Lying to Sheriff Clark Hudson that she was kidnapped and forcing Emma Duval to play along (seen in Can You See Me?).
  • Had a motive for murdering Brett Shimura.
  • Nearly murdered Will Belmont with a silk cord; for having a relationship with Emma.


  • Pilot
  • Truth or Dare
  • Can You See Me?
  • Final Destination
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Silent Night
  • Don't Breathe


  • Nina's demise is much more brutal and far different than in MTV's Scream version.
  • Nina was still the popular mean-girl Queen Bee of Lakewood, ultimately before her murder.
  • Nina is far more atrocious than in MTV's Scream.
  • Secretly despised Brett Shimura, due to his sexuality.
  • Originally, Nina was less devilish, and "more dead".
  • Nina appears in total of 7 episodes -- way more episodes than in MTV's Scream combined.
  • Relentlessly bullied Audrey Jensen and Noah Foster for no reason.
  • Nina acted sweet and innocent whenever her parents were around, but was aggressive and awful to everyone at school.
  • It is apparent in Pilot, that Nina was sent to a mental institution but was released.