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The Pilot will air on May 17, 2017.


What all started as a video between two girls goes viral, the high school senior, who filmed and posted it, is brutally murdered that same night by an unknown serial killer. The serial killer targets a group of teen friends, and starts toying with them.


Late at night, a car pulls up to a house. Two male teengagers talk about the viral video that one of them filmed and uploaded to social media with the help of the other teenager. Brett gloats about the viral video to Tyler, who is sexually active. Brett refuses to invite him inside the house. Brett gets out of the car and saunters to his front door, opening it. All alone, Brett activates Siri and turns on some pop music. A little while later, Brett had changed into black swim trunks for a hot tub dip. However, he receives taunting text messages sent Tyler's phone. A little angry, Brett walks around his house, threatening Tyler that he will gut Tyler on command. Brett walks out the front door, looking for Tyler. After a few minutes, Brett brushes this off but receives a threatening text sent from Tyler's phone. Now scared, Brett runs inside his house and locks the front door; runs to the side glass doors, where he discovers Tyler's stomach cut wide open with his intestines hanging out. Brett, now petrified and terrified-to-the-bone, looks around. The side glass doors explode as a chair is thrown through it. Brett runs for his life, terrified. He grabs a knife from the kitchen block in the kitchen, with his phone in other hand. He quietly backs away towards the back door when he sees someone in black run across the foyer. Panicking, Brett quietly opened the back door and crawled under three curtain-less windows. He looks up, only to see the attacker appear right in front of him. With Brett screaming in fear, the attacker crashes through the window and grabs Brett's neck. However, Brett hits the Killer in the face with his phone. The phone drops. Brett dashes across the side of the house, once again, stumbles across Tyler's gutted corpse. The Killer appears behind Brett and brutally slashes his back horizontally. Brett screams in pain and stumbles towards the swimming pool, desperate to escape. However, he falls on the grass, and crawls away but is futile. The Killer lifts Brett to his feet and slices Brett's throat open. The Killer chucks Brett into the swimming pool to bleed out.

Brett Shimura's corpse floating face down in swimming pool.

A while later, Emma Duval is studying for a Calculus quiz. She hears glass shatter and saunters to her open window -- peeks out. Will Belmont pops out, and makes Emma shriek in alarm. Will hops inside Emma's bedroom, as Maggie Duval panically enters the bedroom, thinking she heard Emma scream. Emma says no and Maggie leaves. Will pops out from beside Emma's bed, and the two kids passionately. Will leaves out the window.

In the morning at school, Audrey Jensen arrives, and everyone looks at her with respect, and clap. Students come and go, talking to Audrey. Noah Foster congratulates Audrey about the viral video.

At the quad, Emma, Will, Brooke Maddox, Riley Marra, and Jake Fitzgerald look around for Brett. They get worried, but brush it off. In class, everyone talks about the viral video. Seth Branson tells everyone to be quiet, and introduces Kieran Wilcox to the class. All of a sudden, the PA clicks on, scaring almost everyone. The PA announces that Brett was found dead and classes will resume tomorrow. Everyone is shocked.

Later that day, a nice memorial is held on a gate, honoring and remembering Brett with dozens of friendly notes and pictures of Brett.

The next night, Brooke hosts a "prayer vigil" for Brett, at her house near Wren Lake. Everyone honors Brett by bringing loads of Disney materials. A candle with a glass frame of Brett's picture sits in the middle of a table outside, on the porch. Emma tells the gang that she deeply misses Brett; a part of their family. A disrespectful Jake laughs at Emma's saying. Kieran waltz inside, clearly uninvited, which makes Will feel anxious and mad -- witnessing Emma hugging Kieran. Brooke goes to get more lemonade for everyone in the garage -- leaving the door wide open. The door slowly closes by itself, leaving Brooke in the dark. Brooke, scared, turns on the lights, and grabs a handful of glass lemonade bottles, and closes the refrigerator door. She sees The Killer and remains unimpressed. She waks up closer, with confidence. The Killer grabs her by the wrist, causing Brooke to drop the glass bottles, which most shatter on the ground upon impact. The Killer swings his hunting knife, as Brooke ducks. She bashes the refrigerator door into The Killer's face, knocking him to the ground. Brooke runs back to the locked door, crying out for help. She sees The Killer get up, and run towards her. Brooke grabs an unshattered glass bottle and throws it at The Killer, smashing into his masked face. The masked maniac tries to plunge his knife into Brooke's arm, but misses. Brooke, panicking, crawls through the cat flap on the garage door and escapes, just as The Killer penetrates the concrete. He growls sinisterly in anger.

At school, Sheriff Clark Hudson announces that his main person-of-interest is still Tyler, and he is looking for Tyler, but Tyler is nowhere to be found. Clark promises he will catch Tyler and bring him to justice. Brooke closes her laptop, telling the gang that she believes Tyler did kill Brett. Riley Marra believes Tyler is innocent and Tyler is too scared to come forward to the police. Will and Jake Fitzgerald talk privately about Brett's murder. Will argues with Jake, saying he will not be wearing an orange jumpsuit. He leaves, leaving Jake smile devilishly.


Body Count

1) Tyler O'Neill -- Hands and legs taped to chair with duct-tape; stomach cut wide open with hunting knife

2) Brett Shimura -- Back horizontally slashed then throat slit open with hunting knife before being tossed into swimming pool


  • This marks the Lakewood 2017 Murders, orchestrated to get revenge on Emma Duval.
  • This episode was originally going to air on May 18, 2017, but got moved to May 17.
  • Instead of MTV's Pilot, this episode is far better and bloodier.
  • Instead of Nina Patterson being the opening victim, Brett Shimura is victim.
    • Brett's attack is similar to Casey Becker's attack from SCREAM.
    • The opening kills are very much similar to Steven Orth from SCREAM; and Nina Patterson from MTV's Scream Season 1.
  • Emma Duval gets attacked by an unknown murderer.
  • Tyler O'Neill still appears for 40 seconds, just like the MTV version.
    • Tyler suffered a gut-wrenching demise.
  • Sheriff Clark Hudson's person-of-interest was Tyler.
  • It is revealed that Will Belmont had a one-night-stand with Brett.
    • It is explained that Will is not gay, but straight. He had sex with Brett, only because Will thought Brett was cute.
  • Piper Shaw briefly appears in this episode.
  • Nina Patterson is a psychopathic and manipulative Mean-Girl.
    • It is apparent that Nina was sent to a mental institution for her atrocious personality, but got let go.
    • Nina outed Audrey Jensen to the entire town.
  • Each character gets an interview with Sheriff Hudson, because they all knew Tyler and Brett.
    • Nina had a terrifying motive to murder Brett.
    • Will had a motive to murder Tyler.
  • Brooke Maddox and Seth Branson's sexual relationship was discovered by Brett.
  • Mr. Branson was the main suspect for Brett's murder.
  • Brooke was attacked in the garage by The Killer at her party.
    • Her attack was very similar to Tatum Riley's attack (and death) in SCREAM (1996).
  • Nina is the second person-of-interest for Brett's murder.
  • Riley Marra has a dark secret, which she reveals to Noah Foster.
  • Jake Fitzgerald may have something to with Brett's murder, possibly along with Will Belmont.
  • Emma gets two spine-tingling creepy phone calls from the killer.
  • Audrey Jensen gets outed by Nina.