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Seth Palmer, also known as Seth Branson or Mr. Branson, was quite the chivalrous ladies’ man in Lakewood but only had eyes for blonde bombshell Brooke Maddox.

Seth really had his work cut out for him if he ever wanted to land on her radar as someone more than just a handsome face and literature enthusiast. In most classes, Seth was a show-off but in English he really set the bar high for the other students which made him out to be a teacher’s pet. Seth was putting his charm on quite a few ladies.

He was competing with handsome guys like Jake Fitzgerald and Tyler O'Neill, and he was winning. He felt so good about himself that he wound up having a couple of affairs to bounce around with. However, his luck didn't completely change. With all these secrets building up, it was only a matter of time before someone would pick the lock on his closet of skeletons. Brett Shimura found out about Seth hooking up with Brooke and Brett found out about Seth's past.


Seth is a kind-hearted, charismatic, yet rebellious Language Arts teacher of George Washington High School. Incredibly social and hospitable towards all of whom he meets, Seth has a habit of frequently resulting in controversy. His free-spirited and rebellious personality often puts a severe strain on his sexual relationship with Brooke Maddox, who prefers to abide strictly by his rules as to avoid any trouble. As shown many times throughout the series, however, Seth values women and vice versa.

He is also depicted as a chivalrous ladies' man, as Brooke often goes to him for love advice dealing with his feelings for her. In addition to this, Seth can be rather flirtatious and often speaks in a suave, smooth tone. This is most frequently seen during his interaction with Brooke. He is also somewhat of a womanizer, as implied with numerous female students and co-workers.