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Every story has a middle point. Ours is when Tyler and Nancy meet for the first time.

Every story has an ending. Ours is usually with Nancy moving on after losing her family and friends.

But where there's an ending...there is always...A BEGINNING.

Before Tyler and Nancy were the stars...

Before Andrew and Scott were parents...


The Honor Saga: Episode I - The First Scream is the prequel to the Tyler and Nancy stories.

PLOT: Andrew Carter and Scott Lane are teenage best friends, who belong to different groups of friends, are brought together when a killer targets their family and friends.


Young Andrew Carter.png
Andrew is the main character of the story. Andrew lives with his parents and slutty sister, Lorraine. He's best friends with Scott Lane, although, they don't hang out with the same group of friends. Andrew is currently dating the beautiful Alice Worth. Francis targets Andrew, his family, and friends.
Picture of Topher Grace as Eric Forman in That 70s Show as he would appear as Andrew Carter.
Young Scott Lane.jpeg
Scott is the secondary main character of the story. He is very rebellous and a stoner. He is best friends with Andrew, although, they don't hang out with the same group of friends. Scott falls for new girl, Melina Glover.
Picture of Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde in That 70s Show as he would appear as Scott Lane.
Melina Glover.jpeg
Melina is the new girl from Everett. She falls for Scott, despite Scott being a rebellous stoner. When Francis begins the murder spree on Andrew and Scott's friends, Scott is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her.
Picture of Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts in Scream 4 as she would appear as Melina Glover.
Clarence Carter (40s).jpeg
Clarence is Andrew and Lorraine's father and the Sheriff of Clearwood. He is a strict and disciplined military vet. Francis is targeting Andrew over something that Clarence did in his earlier years as a police officer.
Picture of Kirkwood Smith as Red Forman in That 70s Show as he would appear as Clarence Carter.
Kathy Carter (40s).jpeg
Kathy is Andrew and Lorraine's sweet, loving, and caring mother. A natural house woman, she spends her time cooking and doing house chores.
Picture of Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman in That 70s Show as she would appear as Kathy Carter.
Lorraine Carter.jpeg
Lorraine is Andrew's promiscious sister. Although, she's in a relationship with Keith Curtis, she is known to cheat and sleep around with other guys. It turns out that Lorraine had a child when she was fourteen but gave it up for a adoption, despite her parents' protest, as she doesn't want children.
Picture of Lisa Robin Kelly as Laurie Forman in That 70s Show as she would appear as Lorraine Carter.
Alice Worth.jpeg
Alice is Andrew's beautiful girlfriend. She belongs to a group of beautiful friends that Andrew became apart of when they began their relationship. Alice loves Andrew despite his dorkiness.
Picture of Larisa Oleynik as Bianca Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You as she would appears as Alice Worth.
Iris Lilly.png
In a turn of gender swapping, Iris is our token "Randy/Noah" smart nerdy character. Iris knows about movies, music, and history. She is a good friend of Scott's. Despite Jeremy being an extremely handsome athlete, Iris developes a relationship with Jeremy.
Picture of Heather Matarazzo as Martha Meeks in Scream 3 as she would appear as Iris Lilly.
Cassie Monroe.jpeg
Cassie is the leader of the group of friends that Andrew belongs to. She is dating Oscar. Cassie may act like a spoiled bitch at times, but she is a very caring person even to those who are not part of her "beautiful" and "rich" status. Her father is the Mayor.
Picture of Lauren C. Mayhew as Arianna in Band Camp as she would appear as Cassie Monroe.
Oscar Fisher.jpeg
Oscar is Cassie's boyfriend, tall, handsome, and goofy. He is best friends with Jeremy.
Picture of Tad Hilgenbrink as Matt Stifler in Band Camp as he would appear as Oscar Fisher
Jeremy Smith.png
Jeremy is apart of the group of friends that Andrew belongs to. Despite his status as a beautiful and atheltic jock, he falls for the geeky Iris.
Picture of Timothy Granaderos as Montgomery De La Cruz in 13 Reasons Why as he would appear as Jeremy Smith.
Chuck Larson.jpeg
Chuck is a stoner friend of Scott and Iris's. He is dating fellow stoner, Cheri.
Picture of James DeBello as Trip in Detrott Rock City as he would appear as Chuck Larson.
Cheri Hamilton.jpeg
Cheri is a stoner friend of Scott and Iris's. She is dating fellow stoner, Chuck.
Picture of Tiffany Helm as Violet in Friday the 13th Part V as she would appear as Cheri Hamilton.
Miguel De La Cruz.jpeg
Miguel is the main character's English teacher. He is very youthful looking and appears more like a brother to our main characters than your average teacher. Appears younger than he really is.
Picture of Christian Navarro, star of 13 Reason Why, as he would appear as Miguel De La Cruz.
Keith Curtis.jpeg
Keith is Lorraine's boyfriend. She oftens cheats on him  but it turns out that he also cheats. He has a younger brother around Andrew's age name Nick.
Picture of Luke Wilson as Casey Kelso in That 70s Show as he would appear as Keith Curtis.
James Monroe (47)
James Monroe.jpeg
Monroe is the Mayor of Clearwood and the father of Cassie Monroe. He is a friend of Sheriff Carter but pressures him to find the killer when the killings begin. He refers to Clarence as a hero and a legend for his action that saved many people from the Pit.
Picture of James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, as he would appear as Mayor James Monroe.
Little Man.jpeg
Little Man is a nameless little boy who roams around the neighborhood where the Carters live at. He is never seen with a parent. His backstory and presence is mysterious and somewhat creepy. There is a major twist about him at the end of the third story.
Picture of Pierce Gagnon as Cid in Looper as he would appear as Little Man.
Francis is the primary killer of the story. He is 6'5, bulky, and unstoppable. Basically the BANE of the Ghostfaces. Rather than the traditional cape/cloak, Francis wears a black hooded leather trenchcoat.
Picture of a fan art of the Lakewood Slasher appearing more like Father Death as he would appear as Francis. NOTE: I edited the mask into this model picture of a black hooded leather trenchcoat.
Brandonface is a minor killer in the story. He only kills a few victims and has nothing to do with Francis's killings. His identity will be revealed in the third story.
Picture of the Lakewood Slasher as he would appear as Brandonface.

Chapter 1

TEASER: After spreading an embrassing video of a drunken Scott, a couple are faced with a deadly consequence.

Chapter 2

TEASER: Andrew is disappointed with his new group of friends for their reaction to Scott's video.

Chapter 3

TEASER: The murders bring back memories of a criminal mastermind, Skillion, who was responsible for a prison called "The Pit."

Chapter 4

TEASER: Andrew and Scott have their weekly routine at the Hub. Lorraine confesses a truth to Andrew when a little boy named Little Man roams around the neighborhood.

Chapter 5

TEASER: Andrew's group of Beautiful friends and Scott's group of Outcast friends come together as one, establishing a future group that we know and love in the original stories.

Chapter 6

Brandonface commits his first and possibly only kill. His target is NOT one of Andrew or Scott's friends. But someone close to somebody else in the Carter family.

Chapter 7

TEASER: Our main characters openly hang out at school for the first time as a group.

Chapter 8

TEASER: Lorraine gets another visit from Little Man, Oscar solidifies his friendship with Chuck and Cheri by committing a common teen crime for them, Andrew and Alice decides that it's time for them, and Clarence is struggling with the murders.

Chapter 9

TEASER: Our main characters must race against time to save Scott from Francis after he is kidnapped while on his date with Melina.

Chapter 10

More will come as the story develops.

Fun Stuff

Confirmed Facts

  • This is meant to be a prequel and the beginning of the Tyler and Nancy stories. However, neither character appears in this story.
  • Daphne, Nick, Charlie, and Melissa do NOT appear in this story. They will gradually appear throughout the prequel trilogy.
  • Many of the aspects of this story is taken from the MTV Scream Season 1.
  • All of the main characters who are based on That 70s Show characters are seen to appear like their 70s Show counterparts. Meaning Andrew is played by Eric Forman, Scott is played by Hyde, Clarence is played by Red, Kathy is played by Kitty, and Lorraine is played Laurie
  • This is the very first time that Lorraine will have a large role in the stories without dying.
  • Scott's embaressing viral video of him dancing like a chicken in a party is taken from That 70s Show episode "Son and Daughter" (08x14), where Hyde has a party at his biological father's house and dances like a chicken on a table.
  • The character Iris Lilly is named after author Donald Newton's mother.
  • The Mayor James Monroe shares the same name as the 5th President of the United States.
  • There are four villains. Two killers and two unmasked helpers. The first unmasked villain is revealed in Chapter 6 during Brandonface's first kill. The second unmasked villain will be revealed at the end as the shocking twist. None of the two unmasked villains kill anyone. Francis and Brandonface are the only villains who kill anyone.

Body Count

# Victim COD Killer CH
1 Male Character N/A Francis 1
2 Female Character N/A Francis 1
3 Male Character N/A Brandonface 6
4 Minor Male Character N/A Brandonface 8
5 Minor Main Male Character N/A Francis 10


Francis F's Partner Brandonface B's Partner
IDENTITY Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Currently Unknown
GENDER Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Currently Unknown
TARGET Andrew, Scott, and Clarence Andrew, Scott, and Clarence Lorraine Carter Lorraine Carter
MOTIVE Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Currently Unknown
SECRETS Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Currently Unknown
STATUS Actively Killing Actively Helping Actively Killing Actively Helping