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The Timeline is the series of events that has happened in Lakewood.


December 3, 2016

  • Kieran Wilcox's mother and stepfather died in a car accident. Kieran wanted to move in with his biological father, Sheriff Clark Hudson, in Lakewood, to avoid being moved into foster care.

December 4, 2016

  • Kieran meets Brett Shimura, and the two boys playfully flirt with each other.

December 5, 2016

  • Tyler O'Neill drives Brett home and hints that he wouldn't mind going inside, but Brett refuses him. Shortly after Brett enters the house, Tyler is kidnapped and disemboweled with a hunting knife by someone, who then steal his phone.
    • Posing as Tyler, the killer sends Brett a series of texts, convincing Brett he is in his house, watching him. Brett brushes this off.
    • As he runs in panic and hides inside his house, he witnesses Tyler's gutted corpse tied to a chair. Brett is then attacked by The Killer and violently slashed horizontally across the back with a hunting knife. As Brett attempts to run away, he falls and starts crawling away. The attacker follows him toward the poolside, then grabs him and lifts him up. After helplessly pleading for his life, Brett's throat is graphically slit wide open. He is immediately chucked into the pool, where he quickly succumbed to his wounds.
    • After the murder, the killer makes a GIF, standing in front of Brett’s body in the pool.
  • Tyler's phone and Camaro are removed from the scene, along with his remains.

December 6, 2016 

  • In the morning, Brett's parents return home and follow a trail of blood to the pooldeck where they discover their son’s corpse.
  • Principal Showalter institutes mandatory grief counseling for the entire student body.
  • A huge memorial is held to honor and remember Brett.

December 7, 2016

  • Sheriff Clark Hudson gives a public address on the subject of Brett's murder, citing Tyler as the main person of interest, as a neighbor saw Tyler's Camaro parked in front of the Patterson house that night, and the presence of Tyler's fingerprints on a glass in the kitchen.
  • Brooke Maddox plans a 'prayer vigil' for Brett at her house, open for all to attend. In an attempt to patch things up with her old friend, Emma invites Audrey.
  • Will Belmont corners Jake Fitzgerald in woodshop and tells him to destroy any remaining evidence of the blackmail operation they had been involved in with Tyler and Brett, before the police can find it.
  • Seth Branson tells Brooke that, due to the police investigation, they should end their affair. Brooke ignores him.
  • Audrey brings Noah Foster to Brooke's party. Brooke, for her part, invited transfer student Kieran Wilcox, who she finds attractive.
  • Maggie Duval calls Clark to her house to investigate the pig's heart. She confesses to him that she was Brandon James's 'Daisy'. Clark suspects Maggie's ex-husband Kevin, but Maggie doesn't believe it possible. Maggie tells Clark she believes history is repeating itself.
  • While drinking at her party, Brooke casually reveals that Will has slept with Brett in the past. Emma storms off, realizing that he may have been with Brett as recently as the night of her death. Will claims he only slept with Brett once when he and Emma were on a break.
  • While investigating flickering lights in her garage, Brooke is cornered by Will, who threatens to 'break' her if she ever makes trouble for him and Emma again.
  • Emma and Kieran confide in each other in the greenhouse. It ends with Emma drunkenly kissing Kieran.
  • Noah passes out drunk and, as part of a 'Wren Lake tradition', is placed on a raft and let out into the water by Jake and a few other jocks. He comes to and tries swimming for shore, but his ankle is caught in a length of fishing line. Kieran rescues him, however, bringing him to dry land.
  • After seeing Noah home, Audrey visits Rachel Murray at her house. Knowing that Rachel is deeply effected by the remarks of those who've seen the video, Audrey tells Rachel she's beautiful, and films her. They are watched by a figure in a Brandon James mask, most likely Piper Shaw.