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WillIam Belmont, also known as Will, is the very attractive basketball player and Emma Duval's boyfriend. He attends George Washington High School.

When first introduced, Will is presented as arrogant, backstabbing, and trouble-making. He unabashedly committed acts of secretly blackmailing town officials for the need of college money. Despite these antagonistic traits, Will was well-aware of his cruelty, and viewed such acts as mere means to boost his ego which, at the start of the series, was comedically inflated, to the point where he would rely on his supposed charisma to sneak his way out of a potentially dangerous situation.

Despite all of this, ‪Will's‬ arrogance is revealed to be more of a defense mechanism, and a means to provide a false sense of optimism as, in reality, the blackmailing is highly vulnerable, and capable of showing and feeling legitimate emotion.

This is seen when he has a relationship with Emma. Emma's refusal to be fooled by Will's charisma, and genuine interest in his life and struggles, would be the first motivators to dropping the "Will Belmont" persona, and accepting who he truly can be as a person — that being caring, heroic, and selfless. Over time, his friendship with Jake Fitzgerald, and eventual love for Emma, would prove to Will that blackmailing and the need for money are soulless compared to forming a meaningful relationship with another person.

Once his facade is dropped, and Will truly opens up to both Emma, and himself, he is portrayed as a loving, loyal, and protective companion. For Emma, he was willing to give up his life of notorious deeds to remain by her side, in hopes of starting a new life for both himself, and her, believing they've both deserved second chances after facing experiences less than pleasant over the years.

Unlike Emma, Will viewed her as a person, caring for her feelings, rather than her beauty. In spite of being greedy at the start of the series, Emma's personality was never a concern to Will, nor did he once ponder on the thought of using her for a prank from Nina Patterson during Freshmen Year.

When those who attempt to do so came about, such as Piper Shaw, Will takes action and becomes a fierce protector, willing to go against foes twice his size, if necessary. He also proved himself to be selfless in this instant, risking his life for Emma's safety, despite being given the chance to leave a situation safely.


In spite of the negativity, Will is a generally easygoing and kind-hearted person. When not dealing with a problem, Will can be quite jovial and friendly, and he usually tries to keep his chivalrous behavior under control for the sake of Emma and contentment.

However, Will can be quite the show-off. He likes to brag, especially when he is very skilled at something. This has a tendency to get him into trouble, however, as he also tends to get in over his head. Additionally, his issues are not always caused by an outside force. Because of his arrogance and chivalrous behavior, Will can be quite the bully, which leads him to annoy innocent bystanders for his own amusement.

For all of his negative traits, Will is a warm and loving character down to his core. For example, despite his dating life, Will shares a very loving relationship with Emma and Brett Shimura. Will has also shown great abilities in being very chivalrous and good-looking. Will is a gallant ladies' man, and for all his flirting, he appears to respect all women.

This indicates that, despite his shortcomings, Will is actually one of the most versatile and talented characters and could even be considered a polymath.

Physical Appearance



Season 1

  • Pilot
  • Truth or Dare
  • Can You See Me?
  • Final Destination
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Silent Night
  • Don't Breathe
  • Eyes In The Dark (corpse / video footage)
  • Psycho (flashback)

Season 2

  • The Orphanage (flashback)
  • The Last House On The Left (flashback)
  • When a Stranger Calls (video footage)


  • Will is the first main character to die in the series.
  • Despite Will's arrogant jock stereotype, he is actually very chivalrous and affable.
  • Despite his sexuality, Will is straight -- he loves girls.
  • Will confessed his love for Emma, despite how their relationship began.
  • Will and Kieran Wilcox have a rivalry over Emma.
  • Subsequently, Will was involved with Nina.
  • Will being gagged and bound and how he was tied up was extremely similar to Steven Orth in SCREAM.
  • In When a Stranger Calls, we learn that Jake Fitzgerald is Piper Shaw's accomplice, therefore, it was Jake who attacked and kidnapped Will.
  • Will was almost killed by Nina.